About us

Us at Tandvården Klostergården

As Lund's new and modern private dental practice, Tandvården Klostergården offers dentistry of high quality. Our goal is to always prioritise the patient's needs. The dentists you meet are well educated and with many years of experience.

Thoughtful care and a calm atmosphere are characteristic of Tandvården Klostergården and we actively work towards pain-free treatments to give you a healthier life through great dental health.

”I really appreciate and enjoy my job! We offer a caring and modern approach to dentistry at Tandvården Klostergården and I really look forward to meeting all patients, regardless of the severity of their ailments."

Lars has many years of experience of all types of dentistry, including oral surgery, implants and aesthetics. Amongst other things, he has worked as clinic director within both the Swedish Folktandvården and the Government of Abu Dhabi and as a consultant in Norway.

He ran the renowned Dental 397 in Exeter, England for 15 years – a clinic which served as a knowledge hub for colleagues and other dental workers in the region.

”No person should have to experience a social handicap as a result of poor dental health. It is important to me that you feel well taken care of, safe and involved in your treatment.”

Zahra received her dental licence in 1992 and has worked within Folktandvården in Norrbotten and Skåne, as well as in Norway and England.

Together with Lars she ran the successful clinic Dental 397 in the South-West of England. Having returned to her childhood city Lund, Zahra now looks forward to being able to welcome all old and new patients to Tandvården Klostergården.

”At an appointment with me, my goal is that you as a patient gets treated well, gets quality care and that you feel safe during the entire treatment. Most importantly is that you are satisfied with the service and that we can create conditions for a good oral health together"

Sussi Alievska is a licensed dental hygienist since 2009, and has been situated in Lund since then. She welcomes both old and new clients alike.

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