What kind of dental care do you need?

Do you need regular care, have specific requirements, need urgent assistance or are you scared of going to the dentist? Tandvården Klostergården caters to all people of all ages. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Regular visits pay off

Going for regular dental check-ups reduces the risk of future costly procedures. One visit every other year usually suffices if you have healthy teeth. If you have had a lot of dental work done previously we recommend annual check-ups.

Fear of the dentist?

You are not alone in feeling anxious or nervous about your visit to the dentist. We have a lot of experience in meeting and taking care of patients with a fear of the dentist. Please inform us when you make your appointment so we can allocate a longer time for your visit to us. Regardless of what you need to have done, we will take you through the procedure step by step and do what we can to make you as comfortable as possible.


We change gloves and dental masks between each treatment and the dental chair is disinfected between each patient. Tandvården Klostergården is equipped with a sterilisation station where we clean and sterilise all instruments and equipment after each patient.

Emergency Dental Care

At Tandvården Klostergården we always have time for those that need urgent care. We offer all types of emergency treatment – call us to obtain the quickest possible time.

Crowns, Prosthetics and Implants

If one or more of your teeth needs to be replaced we will find a solution that suits you. At Tandvården Klostergården we also offer surgical treatment, for example during the insertion of implants, meaning that the whole procedure can be performed at the clinic from beginning to end.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Are you looking for a safe and reliable teeth whitening treatment, or perhaps considering a more advanced aesthetic procedure? The dentists at Tandvården Klostergården have a long and well documented history within aesthetic dentistry, and can help you obtain that winning smile!

X-Rays – Oral Radiology

We only use the latest techniques within digital dental x-ray technology, and are proud to be able to offer the panoramic x-ray – a technique whereby images of both jaws can be taken at the same time. devon michael outdoor sex.